Mosquito Legs - Reflective Reversible

Our Reflective Reversible Mosquito Legs offer fun style in conjunction with added visibility with the use of a decorative and a light reflective safety ribbon down each outer side seam. Our safety ribbon is 100% polyester 7/8" wide with a 1/4" strip of 3M reflective material down the center. These reversible garments can be worn with the decorative ribbon showing during the day, then reversed to display the reflective ribbon for dusk to dark playtime making your child more visible to flashlights and oncoming cars. Every garment has a soft fabric casing at the groin and ankle as well as cord locks for ease of adjustment. Whether camping, hiking, or going on the evening bike ride, you’ll feel better knowing your child is safer from not only mosquitoes and poison ivy, but also the risks that come with not being easily seen dusk to dark.


• Durable, Breathable, Lightweight 100% Polyester No-seeum Mesh
• Adjustable at groin & ankle with braided elastic and cord lock
• Soft fabric at groin & ankle for wearing against skin
• Comfortable worn over or under shorts
• Will never slip down thanks to KAM clip at upper casing for clipping to shorts
• Reversible - Wear decorative ribbon/camo side out or reverse to light-reflective safety ribbon down side seam with ¼” 3M light-reflective material