About Us


A few summers ago, I set out to find a way to keep my children's legs protected from mosquito bites. I needed something we could easily slip on with shorts to go play outside without having to spray them down every day. What started as a quick trip to the fabric store for some mesh and elastic became what is now a highly durable product adjustable to any child's fit.
 Mosquito Legs are so easy to use and provide a chemical free barrier for your child's legs from bug bites of all kinds & poison ivy. No other product allows the adjustability of Mosquito Legs or the safety feature of added visibility of your child with light reflective safety ribbon or LEDs down the outer side seam. Whatever fun your summer brings grab your pair of Mosquito Legs.....simply there when you need it.
 Mosquito & Safety Shirts provide upper body protection for kids and adults, while keeping you and your children cool in hot mosquito weather. No other mosquito apparel combines mosquito protection and safety through better visibility into one garment. 
Mosquitoes are everywhere most months of the year. Put a barrier between your children and mosquitoes & poison ivy with Mosquito Legs. Perfect for family camping and hiking trips. With the addition of Mosquito & Safety Shirts to the product line for this season, you'll have many options to keep you and your children protected. ​Patent Pending.