LED Shoelaces

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Our LED lights are extremely high quality water resistant LED Shoelaces available in Blue and Jade. Sure to light up your summer evenings, they radiate bright light in three separate modes, Fast Flash, Slow Flash, Steady Lights and last up to 30 hours in flashing modes.

LED Shoelaces are a cool addition to your Mosquito Protective Apparel. Not only are LEDs a great addition to your Mosquito Legs, they’re awesome for all your outdoor activities. Whether running an evening 5K race or a normal evening jog that requires staying visible & safe, LED Shoelaces are fun for all ages and miles beyond any other unique light up feature you could get.


To activate your Light Up Shoelaces, remove pull tab & press button on top of the round battery house. Choose from 3 light functions: Fast Flash, Slow Flash & Steady Lights.

Battery House Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.5" x 1.25" x 0.5"

Shoe Lace Length: 46"
Shoe Lace Color: White
LED Colors: Blue, Jade
LED Shoelaces come ready to use with 2 replaceable CR2032 Batteries.

To change batteries, pop off the top of battery house, switch 'em out, and snap the top back on.




1. Are Mosquito Legs and Shirts washable?

Yes. Hand washing in cold water is recommended, however, I have put my own children's garments in the regular warm cycle wash with jeans and they hold up beautifully. No stretching or tearing. Hand washing will keep the mesh smooth. It can also be ironed on the polyester or medium heat setting. **For Mosquito Legs with LEDs, the lights slide easily in and out of the channel down the side seam and must be removed before washing.** 

2. How durable is the no-see-um mesh?

You can try to rip this fabric by hand and it is impossible. These garments are meant to last as long as your child can possibly fit into the size you select. Adult garments will hold up as well as any shirt you own. If your child is in briers or takes a tumble on their scooter, the fabric can get a tear or hole. For the unexpected, we include a 6" swatch of matching fabric free with every pair. A quick hand sew should handle any repair needed. A great option is a child safe fabric glue. Just make sure the glue is child safe and washable.

3. Where are Mosquito Legs and Mosquito Shirts sold?

Currently on line through this website only. This product is an invention of my evolution of a crude mesh with some elastic I quickly made for my kids a couple summers ago. 

4. Are these garments safe for children?

Yes! Mosquito Legs are 100% CPSC compliant with all federal guidelines. A Child Safety Certificate is available upon request. 

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